Sunday, January 2, 2011

Misaki Ohata Wrestling Ayako Sato

Here is a match posted by nagashimark on YouTube, of Misaki Ohata taking on Ayako Sato.
This match was for the Sendai Girls wrestling promotion on April 20th, 2008.

Misaki Ohata-women wrestlers
Misaki Ohata has shown up a few times on this blog.
She was trained by the famous Mariko Yoshida and worked for many wrestling promotions in Japan like JDStar.
You can see her now in the US with Shimmer.

Ayako Sato-japanese women wrestlers
Ayako Sato has wrestled for JWP, NEO and if I'm not mistaken, has done some Olympic-style wrestling as well.

After the introductions, we jump right into the match where Ayako has Misaki trapped in a leg lock.

Misaki Ohata-Ayako Sato-wrestling pictures-leg lockMisaki manages to slip out of that and trap Ayako in a figure four headscissors.

Misaki Ohata-Ayako Sato-women pro wrestling-headscissorsThat doesn't last for long though as Ayako slips out of that hold and clamps on a double leg lock.

Misaki Ohata-Ayako Sato-japan wrestling-double leg lockWhich then then transitions into a bow and arrow.

Misaki Ohata-Ayako Sato-japanese female wrestling-bow and arrowMisaki escapes, but Ayako literally rocks her world with some devastating dropkicks and goes for a pin.
Unfortunately for Ayako, Misaki kicks out, then catches her in an arm bar.

Misaki Ohata-Ayako Sato-japanese womens wrestling-arm barYou can see the whole match here...

Well at one time you could.
But once again, good old YouTube has deleted the video.
Thanks Google!

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