Thursday, December 16, 2010

Takako Inoue Wrestling Mima Shimoda

Here is a wrestling match posted on YouTube by xkingx2009 with two of my favorite Japanese female wrestlers, Takako Inoue and Mima Shimoda.
Even though they are both awesome wrestlers, they do look a little bit like they just stepped off the set of the Power Rangers here.

Takako Inoue-Japan

Mima Shimoda-wrestling
Mutual dislike is not very well hidden, as they start off with a hair muss by Takako and a slap by Mima.

More slaps, chops and an Irish whip and the two lock up in the center of the ring in the classic test of strength.

Takako Inoue-Mima Shimoda-pro wrestling-test of strengthThat gets broken up and the two women launch into an exchange that shows just how well they are able to neutralize each others moves.

Is it considered a camel clutch if you are just sitting on your opponents back pulling her hair?

Takako Inoue-Mima Shimoda-women wrestling-camel clutchWell the ref makes Mima break the hold, but that's followed by more hair pulling, a hair-mare, and some rope choking.

I guess Takako gets tired of Mima's rule breaking, because when Mima tries to initiate another test of strength, Takako takes her hand...and promptly bites it!

Takako Inoue-Mima Shimoda-women's wrestlingBut it doesn't take long for Mima to cheat her way back into control and take the match outside the ropes.
Mima even takes her out into the cheap seats and gives her a bodyslam on the concrete.

You have to love Mima though.
After leaving Takako on the floor, she goes back to the ring, climbs up on the turnbuckle and taunts her.

Takako Inoue-Mima Shimoda-women of wrestling Takako climbs back into the ring, and Mima almost immediately leg tackles her and traps her in a Boston crab.

Takako Inoue-Mima Shimoda-japanese women-boston crab Not satisfied with JUST a Boston crab, she changes up to a single leg crab and pulls Takako's knee pad out of the way so she can get a better grip.

Takako Inoue-Mima Shimoda-female wrestling-single leg crab

Takako Inoue Wrestling Mima Shimoda, posted to on December 17th, 2010

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