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Yoshiko Tamura wrestling Kana in Japan

Last entry we featured a video by HybridDolphinELPS to give nagashimark and DoubleMiz a break, but nagashimark has posted an amazing video of Yoshiko Tamura wrestling Kana at a NEO event on May 31, 2009.
It's so good you have to go check it out.
The first part of this match (yes it's two part) runs a little over eight minutes and again when is the last time you saw a WWE Diva or TNA Knockout match go over five minutes etc, etc, etc.

This match has some high spots, but it has a lot of mixed martial arts style ground fighting that you don't see a lot of in the major wrestling promotions here.

Yoshiko Tamura made her pro wrestling debut on September 15 1994, so this lady has fifteen years of wrestling experience under her belt.
Kana (who evidently is very popular among Joshi fans) is a newcomer compared to Yoshiko, making her wrestling debut in June of 2004.

Yoshiko Tamura - japanese wrestling

Kana  - japanese women wrestling
And in case you don't know who they are, Yoshiko is in blue and Kana is dressed kinda like Reiko Hinomoto from Rumble Roses.
She even has the X-Box logo across her butt.

Yoshiko Tamura - Kana -japanese female wrestling
They start out fast and Kana scores with a few flying hip shots.

She then gets Yoshiko in the corner and gives her a Stacy Keibler style single foot choke.

Yoshiko Tamura - Kana -japanese girl wrestling
Yoshiko counters, gets Kana in the corner and gives her, her won version of a single leg choke.

Yoshiko Tamura - Kana -japanese girls wrestling
Yoshiko uses her weight advantage to really pour the pressure on.

Yoshiko Tamura - Kana -japanese woman wrestling
She gets Kana in the middle of the ring and applies an abdominal stretch.

Yoshiko Tamura - Kana -japanese women's wrestling
Note here that besides punishing Kana's abs, Yoshiko also digs her thumb into the pressure point under Kana's ear.

Yoshiko Tamura - Kana -wrestling news and rumors
She then hauls back, adding a chinlock for added pain.

Yoshiko Tamura - Kana -wrestling rumors and news
Kana gets a take down and goes for a leg lock.

Yoshiko Tamura - Kana -female wrestling list
But the wily veteran escapes and gets on top, applying a headlock and using her weight to wear her smaller opponent down.

Yoshiko Tamura - Kana -wrestling information
Yoshiko applies another submission hold on her less experienced foe.

Yoshiko Tamura - Kana -wrestling promotions
But Kana escapes again and goes for an arm lock.

Yoshiko Tamura - Kana -wrestling promotion
In the middle of the ring, Kana clamps on a sleeper hold....

Yoshiko Tamura - Kana -wrestling matches
...then tries to turn it into a Dragon Sleeper.

And this is just part one!
Of course to see all the Joshi goodness here you'll have to actually watch the video on nagashimark's channel here:

And as always, if you like what you see (and I think you will) subscribe to nagashimark's channel and just for fun say "Sabre" sent you...LOL

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