Friday, November 13, 2009

Japanese Female Wrestling: Misaki Ohata vs Pinky Mayuka

Looking through all the great Japanese womens wrestling videos on YouTube I thought, "Why let nagashimark and DoubleMiz have all the fun?".
Here is a video posted by HybridDolphinELPS of a match between Misaki Ohata and Pinky Mayuka.
In the video, Pinky is challenging for Misaki's JWP Junior/Pop titles at JWP Pureslam on July 19th, 2009.
Here are some vidcaps from the match......

Misaki Ohata - Pinky Mayuka - youtube puroresu
First up, Pinky Mayuka (in Pink of course) and Misaki square off.

Misaki Ohata - Pinky Mayuka - femalewrestling
Pinky gets Mayuka up against the ropes and delivers some serious forearm shots.

Misaki Ohata - Pinky Mayuka - women wrestling youtube
Pinky traps Misaki in an intricate submission hold. Can anybody tell me what it's called?

Misaki Ohata - Pinky Mayuka - japanese female wrestlers
Pinky continues to pour on the pressure, taking Misaki to her knee.

Misaki Ohata - Pinky Mayuka - japanese wresting
After escaping the hold, Misaki clamps on an MMA style leglock.

Misaki Ohata - Pinky Mayuka - female wrestling matches
Misaki goes for a cover, but will Pinky kick out?


Lisa said...

Hi! Me and my friend are trying to find some information about womens japanese wrestling today. Do you know where in Japan (city) this match from 2009 took place? We tried to find some information about WWWA and AJP today, but all we can find is that these federation is no longer existing. We are female pro wrestlers from Sweden! I hope you have some information, like websites or so. Thank you!

Thorsten said...

Hehe... she doesn't kick out. Excellent Fisherman's suplex, nice finisher.
women wrestling

Sky said...

This is so well written, commendations for this piece.

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Ronald Tucker said...

Pinky Mayuka really had a hold on Misaki Ohata...the leg lock is a classic hold...will have to go to the website to see if she escapes!

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