Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ai Fujita wrestling AKINO

Here is some more female wrestling from YouTube.
This was for the ARSION wrestling promotion in Japan and it's Ai Fujita wrestling AKINO for the Sky High of Arsion title on March 24th, 2003.
The video was posted by nagashimark (who else?)

Ai Fujita - japanese wrestling
Ai Fujita started out with her pro wrestling debut in Mexico first (in 1998) then her Japanese wrestling debut (in 1999).

AKINO - japanese women wrestling
AKINO made her pro wrestling debut the same year (1998).

AKINO - japanese female wrestling
The match starts out fast and furious with Ai gaining a slight upper hand, but AKINO quickly comes back and puts an end to Ai's high-flying antics by grounding her and going to work with some submission moves.

Ai Fujita - AKINO - japanese wrestling

Ai Fujita - AKINO - japanese female wrestling

Of course this is just part one of the match.
You can see the rest by going to nagashimark's channel here:

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