Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mima Shimoda wrestling Etsuko Mita

I keep thinking I'm gonna give nagashimark a break, but with great Japanese female wrestling videos like this one, who can?
This one is a match between two great Joshi wrestlers, Mima Shimoda and Etsuko Mita that took place in the NEO wrestling promotion in 1998.

Mima Shimoda - japanese girl wrestlingMima was born on 23, 1970 and she made her pro wrestling debut against Etsuko Mita back in 1987 at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo.

Etsuko Mita - japanese women wrestlingEtsuko was born on May 28, 1969 in Toyko and at one time was part of a very successful tag-team with Mima.
She is also credited with creating the "Death Valley Driver", a brutal finishing move that is a brainbuster type slam performed from a fireman's carry.
I have also heard that the move is banned in some promotions for being too dangerous.

This video has the two former tag-team partners facing off, and it seems there is a great deal of animosity between them.

Mima Shimoda - Etsuko Mita - japanese girl wrestlingThey face off, trade a few opening moves and size each other up.

Mima Shimoda - Etsuko Mita - japanese women wrestlingEtsuko get Mima down early on, and Mima retaliates by biting her on the knee.

Mima Shimoda - Etsuko Mita - japanese girls wrestlingEtsuko gets Mima down and clamps on a figure four leg-lock.

Mima Shimoda - japanese female wrestlingWhich puts Mima in a world of hurt.

Mima Shimoda - Etsuko Mita - japanese wrestling - figure fourMima escapes the figure four, and clamps one of her own on Etsuko.

Mima Shimoda - Etsuko Mita - japanese girl wrestling - toe holdNot satisfied with that, Mima rolls her over and applies a toe-hold.

Mima Shimoda - Etsuko Mita - japanese girl wrestlingBut Etsuko escapes and the match goes out of the wrestling ring and into the crowd.

Here is part one of the match

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And no, nagashimark isnt paying me to say all this...LOL

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Anonymous said...

Mima Shimoda rules.
Tnx for this blog entrance.
Did you know something about Hiroka? her wrestling partner down here in Mexico.

Thorsten said...

Mima Shimoda was great. She knew how to dress too. Wasn't she one of the Tokyo Sweethearts?

ladies wrestling.

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