Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cherry and Takanashi Masako wrestling Kana and Oikawa Chihiro

Well here is a kind of unusual video I found on Veoh of Cherry and Takanashi Masako wrestling Kana and Oikawa Chihiro.
The video was posted by apocalyptico77 and it happened at Union Night in Shikiba on 3-7-2009.
Why Takanashi Masako is wrestling in drag I have no idea (Shades of Santina Marella!).
Maybe someone out there can explain why he's doing this.
But if you kinda look past that, it's a pretty good match.
Of course any match Cherry or Kana is in is good.
: )
You can check out apocalyptico77's page here and see some more great Japanese wrestling, not just joshi either.

Watch Union Proresu - Cherry,Takanashi Masako vs Kana, Oikawa Chihiro in Sports | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com


Randall said...

Kana videos are always appreciated. I recently saw a BATTLARTS match she was in, and was just blown away by how quickly she took to the style.

Woman's talent is growing.

~~ Sabre ~~ said...

Kana has to be one of my favorites at the moment.

Randall said...

One of mine too, really. I know she's been around for several years, but I found a couple of her matches in a...ahem, a Ditch somewhere. Became an instant-fan.

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