Friday, July 24, 2009

Kana Wrestling Chihiro Oikawa

Since Kana seems to be so popular, here is another video from YouTube of Kana this time wrestling Chihiro Oikawa.
It was posted on YouTube by kapengmabula.
Like several others I have mentioned here, kapengmabula has a lot of good Joshi matches posted, and you can see them all here.

This is part one of the match.....

Kana has been around for awhile, making her pro wrestling debut in June, 2004.
Chihiro Oikawa is BattleArts' first ever joshi wrestler and she has a MMA record of 1-1-0.
BattleArts is a shoot style promotion that is a cross between MMA and mat based wrestling.
And in BattleArts, there are no pins, just submission or knockout based outcomes.

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Randall said...

This is a great match, and a great user to subscribe to on youtube if you like joshi.

Not that you should need anything more than Sabre's recommendations, but if you do, I wholeheartedly urge everyone to watch this. It's rad.

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