Thursday, January 20, 2011

Francoise vs Ayako Sato - Japanese Female Wrestling

The last wrestling match I posted here was Ayako Sato and Misaki Ohata.
Well this one is Ayako again, but this time against a blog favorite, Francoise (Huransowazu).

Francoise Hirota has worked for Osaka Pro, LLPW Ladies Legend Pro Wrestling and she also worked for the Japanese wrestling promotion HUSTLE as the valet of the late Lance Cade.
I believe this is her actual wrestling debut on January 5th, 2007 for LLPW.

First up we have an interview with Francoise showing her working out and yes setting up the ring and cleaning.
You dont just go into Japanese wrestling and say "I wanna be a star".
There are dues to pay.

So finally at about 2:30 we get to her actual match against Ayako.
She looks a bit nervous, but who can blame her?

Francoise recovers from that pretty quickly and immediately opens up with a running drop kick.
She tags Ayako a few more times with dropkick and goes for a quick pin which Ayako breaks up with the ropes.

Now Ayako opens up with her own series of dropkicks, followed up with some bone-jarring snapmares which Francoise sells pretty good for a rookie.

Ayako then traps Francoise in a rear headlock, and adding a bodyscissors, shows the rookie that she's not gonna be getting any mercy.

Francoise gets to the ropes and Ayako releases her which leads to some more back and forth till Ayako finally traps her in a boston crab.

Wonderfully, good old YouTube has taken down the video.
Thanks guys!

Francoise vs Ayako Sato, posted to on January 21st, 2011

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