Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kana wrestling Chihiro Okawa

Yeah I know...two Kana wrestling matches in a row?
Well this one was posted by someone I just ran across on YouTube, xkingx2009, and it's a match between Kana and Chihiro Okawa.

It starts out with both women already in the ring, sparing us the lengthy walk to the ring and intros.
Kana is her usual confident self, but I swear Chihiro looks like she just woke up.

Kana - Chihiro Okawa - japanese women
Chihiro holds out her hand to shake before the start, and Kana replies by crescent kicking it away.
Then they lock up in a flurry of punches that leads to Kana getting a take down, and the match turning into a MMA type brawl.

Kana - Chihiro Okawa - women wrestling
Chihiro gets on top, and forgets punching and just starts slapping away at Kana.
Then she goes for an arm bar, that turns into a body scissors until Kana starts slapping away at Chihiro and escapes.

Kana - Chihiro Okawa - womens wrestling
They lock up again in the middle of the ring until Kana gets behind and suplexes Chihiro into the mat.
But Chihiro comes up with more slaps and a surprisingly effective roundhouse to Kana's face that puts her down.

Kana - Chihiro Okawa - female wrestlersKana gets up and now the match turns more into a Muay Thai battle.
Kana works her into the corner and gives her some knees, then her own kick that almost lays Chihiro out.

Kana - Chihiro Okawa - japanese women wrestlers
They go back to the center of the ring, exchange some kicks, and Kana grabs Chihiro's leg and slaps on an ankle lock, taking Chihiro down to the mat.

Kana - Chihiro Okawa - women's wrestling
Chihiro manages to escape and gets on top, but she really looks like she doesn't know what shes doing there for a minute, until she clamps a triangle choke on Kana.

Kana - Chihiro Okawa - female wrestler
She comes pretty close to choking Kana out before Kana finally reaches the ropes.

Kana - Chihiro Okawa - japan women
Kana gets up, there's another exchange and she gets Chihiro down and applies an arm bar.

Well YouTube took that one down.
BUT, here is another match between them that looks even earlier....

Kana wrestling Chihiro Okawa, posted to on August 8th, 2010

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