Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kana vs Kyoko Kimura - Japanese Women Wrestlers

Yes ladies and gentlemen once again a video that was removed by YouTube. 
This one was an old video of Kana wrestling Kyoko Kimura.
As far as I can tell all that is left is these screen caps.
Sorry about that.

Kana comes in first, followed by Kyoko, and amazingly they don't jump each other before the bell.
Kana - Kyoko Kimura - women wrestling - japanese women
But when the bell rings, they race at each other and start out "hammer and tongs".

Kana - Kyoko Kimura - wrestling women - wrestling
Kana gets a take down, goes for a leg lock and unable to secure that, dives up and goes for a front face lock that Kyoko escapes.

Kana - Kyoko Kimura - female wrestling - female wrestlers
Back on their feet, Kana starts landing those amazing roundhouses.

Kana - Kyoko Kimura - sleeper - womens wrestling
Kana then nails Kyoko with a few knees, then slips around her for a sleeper.

Kana - Kyoko Kimura - sexy japan - womens wrestling
Kyoko supplexes her way out of that, and they start back with the kicks, elbows, fists and slaps.

Kana - Kyoko Kimura - women's wrestling - japanese women wrestlers
Back on the mat, Kana locks in an arm bar.

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