Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Japanese Mixed Wrestling - Shuri and Hajime Ohara Vs Lin Byron and KUSHIDA

This video is a little different for this blog; it's a mixed wrestling match with Shuri and Hajime Ohara taking on Lin Byron and KUSHIDA.
It was posted on YouTube by HybridDolphinELPS.

Almost the whole first clip is the intros, but when the action starts, it’s Hajime Ohara taking on Lin Byron.
Yes, the female volunteers to take on the male.

Lin Byron - wrestling - mixed wrestling

You know how here in the US in the WWE, when a female wrestlers runs up against a male wrestler, suddenly she appears to lose every bit of wrestling knowledge she has and turn basically into a limp rag doll?
The male (usually a heel) just pounds her from ring post to ring post no matter how good of a wrestler the female is.
Well this isn’t the case in Japan.

Yeah Hajime gets in a few good shots at the beginning, but then Lin roars back with a flying head scissors that sends him out of the ring, and Lin follows up with a dive off the top turnbuckle.

Lin Byron - women wrestling - wrestling women

But Lin gets back in the ring and starts showboating with her back to Hajime.
No...that doesn’t end well.

Lin Byron - female wrestling - wrestling female

But, despite Hajime's size and weight advantage, he can't seem to compensate for Lin's speed and acrobatics as she keeps turning the tables on him time and time again.

Lin Byron - pro wrestling - japanese women

So here is part one...

You can see the other two parts at HybridDolphinELPS' channel here

Japanese Mixed Wrestling - Shuri and Hajime Ohara Vs Lin Byron and KUSHIDA, posted to on June 30th, 2010.

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