Sunday, September 19, 2010

Itsuki Yamazaki Vs.Yukari Omori

This was a video posted on YouTube by xkingx2009 of Itsuki Yamazaki wrestling Yukari Omori at an old All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling event.
I say was because yes is yet ANOTHER video that YouTube has taken down. 

Itsuki Yamazaki made her wrestling debut in 1980, and was one half of the famous Jumping Bomb Angels.
Yukari Omori was also part of a famous tag-team, the "Dynamite Girls".

This match is pretty much pure Joshi Puroresu.
No gimmicks, no over the top promotion, just two Japanese women in swimsuits (a Speedo swimsuit in Yukari's case) going at it in the ring.

After the intro, the ref going over the rules, the opening bell and a pretty quick series of moves, they lock up in the center of the ring...

Itsuki Yamazaki - Yukari Omori - japanese women - women wrestling - test of strength
Itsuki side-steps and rolls Yukari into a leg lock...

Itsuki Yamazaki - Yukari Omori - wrestling - wrestling women - leg lock
Then she moves up and puts her knee in Yukari's back, adding more pressure to the leg lock...

Itsuki Yamazaki, Yukari Omori - female wrestling - womens wrestling - leg lock
Another flurry of moves and Yukari winds up trapped in Itsuki's body scissors...

Itsuki Yamazaki - Yukari Omori - female wrestlers - female wrestler - body scissors
Yukari manages to escape, almost gets Itsuki in a boston crab, but gets rolled over into an attempted pin...

Itsuki Yamazaki - Yukari Omori
But Yukari escapes by trapping Itsuki in a head scissors...

Itsuki Yamazaki - Yukari Omori - women's wrestling - pro wrestling - head scissors
Which Itsuki somehow manages to turn back into a modified leg lock.

Itsuki Yamazaki - Yukari Omori - japan women - japanese women wrestlers - leglock

And all this is less than four minutes into the match.

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