Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Japanese Women Wrestling on YouTube

It's been a while since I have done anything on the Japanese women wrestling videos on YouTube, so here are some I have run across that have been uploaded recently.

First up we have a match with Fuuka taking on Yuri Urai.
This video was uploaded by xkingx2009.
Fuuka was one of the last wrestlers trained in Jaguar Yokota's JDStar promotion and Yuri Urai also wrestled for the JD Star promotion.
The video is a bit "choppy" but still worth a look.

Next up we have a video posted by lablue6uy of Etsuko Mita facing Emi Sakura facing Makoto.
Not the best joshi match in the world, but since YouTube is the only place I can see these, I'm not complaining.
Back in 1987, Mima Shimoda made her wrestling debut against Etsuko Mita and Etsuko has since retired.
Emi Sakura went on to found the Ice Ribbon wrestling promotion.
The last I heard, Makoto was working for Ice Ribbon.

This video is a little different as it's basically a best of video.
I had to put this one up because good old YouTube deleted the other great one I had here.
Thanks YouTube!
Anyway, its the best of female Japanese wrestler Azumi Hyuga, who seems to be pretty popular here on this blog.
It was uploaded by TheSuicidalDragon
While you can.....

The motto on this blog is, "When in doubt, post Kana!"
So here is Kana taking on Hanako Nakamori.
I think Hanako is wearing one of Takako Inoue's old outfits....

You can see more female Japanese wrestling here:


Walter Yeates said...

You know I love my Joshi!

Lovely post!

~~ Sabre ~~ said...

Glad you liked it!
Thanks for stopping by!

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