Thursday, April 28, 2011

Akira Hokuto Wrestling Debbie Malenko

Here is a match posted on YouTube by ElfenLiedPictureSh0w between two female wrestling greats, Debbie Malenko and Akira Hokuto.
Yeah, some of you may not know who Debbie Malenko is and that's a shame.
I think she may have been one of the best women wrestlers to ever set foot in a ring, but she never got the WWF/WWE hype.
Of course I don't need to tell you who Akira Hokuto is if you have seen very much Joshi at all.

These two start out fast and in just a few moves, Debbie has Akira trapped in a Dragon Sleeper.

But Akira almost immediately reverses it and traps Debbie in the same hold.

Then Akira ups the ante a bit by adding a body scissors to the hold.

An escape and a few high speed reversals later, and Debbie and Akira are both outside the ring, with an unfortunate second caught in the cross fire.

Well ONCE AGAIN good old YouTube took the video down. Thanks Google!

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