Sunday, September 26, 2010

Eight Woman Tag Team Match - Japanese Women Wrestling

japanese women - women wrestling - wrestlingHere is a eight woman tag team match posted by kapengmabula on YouTube.
It's Japanese women wrestlers Ayumi Kurihara, Mio Shirai, Io Shirai and Makoto taking on Mima Shimoda, Kyoko Kimura, Atsuko Emoto and Tomoka Nakagawa at a NEO event.

First we have a little video background leading up to the match, then Mima, Kyoko, Atsuko and Tomoka come to the ring already armed with folding chairs and chains.

Then Ayumi, Mio, Io and Makoto come in...unarmed.

The intros start but never finish as it immediately turns into what "Good Ole JR" would call a pier six brawl.

The action comes back into the ring and normalcy is restored for a moment and it looks like the match will go on like a normal contest.
But not for long...

wrestling women - female wrestling - womens wrestlingPretty soon everyone is back in the ring and going at it again.

female wrestlers - female wrestler - women's wrestlingSomewhat unusually.

japan women - pro wrestling - japanese women wrestlersMima gets upset by a slow count....

Mima Shimoda - japanese female - japanese women wrestling - japanese wrestling...and finally a team turns on one of it's members.

You can see this video and more like it at kapengmabula's YouTube channel here:

Eight Woman Tag Team Match - Japanese Women Wrestling, posted to on September 26th, 2010

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