Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Top Ten Japanese Female Wrestlers in August

I haven't done a top ten of Japanese female wrestlers here in awhile, so here we go.

1. Hamada
Without a doubt the most popular Japanese lady wrestler on here.
Of course the worldwide exposure on TNA has a "little" something to do with that.
I'm hoping that might start some more interest in Joshi Puroresu over here.

2. Kaori Yoneyama
Surprisingly to me, Kaori Yoneyama came in at the second postion.
Last month HybridDolphinELPS put up a video tribute to Kaori on YouTube that you can see here:

3. Francoise
Last month, the lovely Francoise, recently from Hustle, came in at number three.
Here's a short video of Francoise wrestling another Japanese beauty Cherry posted by persicummalum on YouTube

4. Misaki Ohata
Coming in at number four is Misaki Ohata.
You can see a video of Misaki wrestling Sachiko posted by kapengmabula on YouTube here:

5. Momoe Nakanishi
Japanese female wrestler Momoe Nakanishi came in at number five last month.
Here is a video of Momoe Nakanishi taking on Ayako Hamada (Yes, now TNA Knockout Hamada) at the AJW 35th Anniversary Show, May 11 2003 posted by the infamous DoubleMiz on YouTube:

6. Chaparrita Asari
The high flying Chaparrita Asari came in at number six last month.
You can watch a video of Chaparrita ASARI wrestling Baby-A from the ARSION 5th Anniversary Show, again posted by DoubleMiz on YouTube here:

7. Etsuko Mita
Etsuko Mita came in at nuber seven last month.
Here is a video of Etsuko Mita taking on Hiroyo Matsumoto posted by nagashimark over at YouTube.
The match is from the NEO Stage 09 tournament, semi finals on February 8, 2009.
You can see it here:

8. Kana
The popular Kana came in at number eight last month.
And here is a video of Kana taking on Minori Makiba at the May 5, 2009 NEO "May History", posted by yoshitonic1.

9. Kayoko Haruyama
Number nine last month was Kayoko Haruyama.
You can watch Kayoko Haruyama taking on Tojuki Leon on this video posted by kapengmabula on YouTube.

10. Mimi Hagiwara
And last, but not by any means least, is the beautiful Mimi Hagiwara.
Mimi no longer wrestles, but here is a video of her going up against Chigusa Nagayo. posted by hajimanko on YouTube

I'd like to thank all of these posters that have put up Joshi videos on YouTube, that give eveyone a chance to get in on the action.
If you go to the vids (sorry I didn't hyperlink them, but Goggle seems to get cranky if I do that too much in a post) make sure to subscribe to these posters channels.
And let them know you appreciate their work at getting these matches out there.

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