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Plum Mariko - Female Japanese Wrestlers

Plum Mariko - female japanese wrestlersWrestler: Plum Mariko
Real Name: Mariko Umeda
Born: November 1st, 1967
Last match: August 15th 1997 at the Hiroshima Sun Plaza, Plum teamed with Commando Bolshoi against Mayumi Ozaki and Rieko Amano.
Died: August 16 1997
Promotions: Japanese Women's Pro (1986-1992), JWP (1992-1997)

September 15 1989 - Plum won the UWA and JWP Junior titles by beating both Mayumi Ozaki and Cuty Suzuki.
She lost the belts to Rumi Kazama on January 10th 1990.
June 16 1990 - She won the UWA and JWP Junior titles beating Cuty Suzuki in a tournament final.
The Titles were later vacated.
Signature Wrestling Moves: Stretch Plum (The wrestler applies an inverted facelock to a seated opponent and then places his (or her) far leg between the opponent's legs and pushes his near leg's knee against the opponent's back. Then the wrestler pulls the opponent's head backwards with their arms and the opponent's far leg outwards with their leg), Rolling bodyscissors submission, Super hurricanrana

Unfortunately, Plum was the first person in Japan to die because of injuries suffered in a wrestling match.
Plum was said to have had head injuries and an absess on her brain prior to the match which may have contributed to the brain damage that killed her.
She was inducted into the All Japan Womens Hall of Fame on November 29, 1998.

In 1997 and 1998, the Plum Mariko Memorial Show was held in her honor.

Quebrada #30

by Mike Lorefice (


The Tragic Death of Plum Mariko

It was well known that the weekend of August 15th-17th would be a sad one for women’s wrestling fans, as one of the most promising young stars, JWP’s Candy Okutsu, was retiring way before her time due to a bad back. However, the weekend turned into a catastrophe when long-time JWP star Plum Mariko tragically died after her match on the 15th. Plum, real name Mariko Umeda, teamed with Bolshoi Kid against Mayumi Ozaki & Rieko Amano at Hiroshima Sun Plaza. Ozaki used one of her regular spots, the Ligerbomb, to pin Plum. The move was not blown, rather it was executed no differently than normal, but it appears that have triggered a pre-existing problem, an abscess on Mariko’s brain. Since other wrestlers had faked not being able to get up after the finish (sold the finish) that night, the fans in the arena didn’t immediately realize there was a problem. It seems that this spot may not have been the planned finish of the match. In any case, Plum was knocked out from the Ligerbomb and didn’t kick out. After the match, Ozaki and the other wrestlers saw Plum, who still hadn't budged, snoring, which is a sign that her brain was bleeding.

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