Monday, September 14, 2009

Japanese Female Wrestling - Chikako Shiratori

Chikako Shiratori - japanese wrestling
How can anyone that pretty be that mean?

Since everyone seems to be on a Chikako Shiratori kick here, (Yes I read what everyone wants to see...) I thought I'd post this picture and this video link.

The vid was posted to Veoh by the famous Nagashimark and it's a battle between Chikako Shiratori and Cuty Suzuki.
And battle is the correct term.
These ladies go at it from the opening bell wide open.
And Chikako plays the consummate old school heel, smiling when she is punishing Cuty.
She seems to really enjoy hurting her opponent.

You can see the whole video here

And as always, after you watch it, if you like the vid, subscribe to Nagashimark's channel to show your appreciation for getting this Joshi action out to the public.

Chikako Shiratori, posted to on Sept 14th, 2009.

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