Friday, September 18, 2009

Japanese Female Wrestler - Cuty Suzuki (Cutie Suzuki)

Cuty Suzuki - Cutie Suzuki - japan female wrestling

And next to Chikako Shiratori, the most popular Japanese female wrestler here lately is the lady that was in the video I linked to last time, Cuty Suzuki (Cutie Suzuki).
Cuty was born on October 22, 1969 in Kawaguchi, Saitama, Japan and made her pro wrestling debut on September 19, 1986.
Cuty is retired now, but during her career, she held the UWA Junior Wrestling title, the JWP Junior Wrestling title and one half of the JWP Tag Team Women's Wrestling titles five times.
Twice with Mayumi Ozaki, once with Devil Masami and twice with Dynamite Kansai.

Here is a video of Cuty going up against Candy Okutsu in a JWP match from July 18, 1997, posted once again to YouTube by nagashimark.

Cuty Suzuki (Cutie Suzuki) posted to on Sept 18th, 2009


Michael said...

If these Japanese Female Wrestlers are the fairer and weaker sex, then we macho males better eat ALOT more Cheerios before we attempt to cross the boundaries of these women..LOL.

What ever became of Cutey Suzy after she retired?

Thorsten said...

Cuty sure is a Cutie...and she's a tornado in the ring...
female wrestling

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