Monday, September 21, 2009

Japanese Female Wrestlers - Ai Fujita

Japanese female wrestler Ai Fujita seems to be showing a recent upsurge in interest.
Ai was born on February 15 1976 and actually had two pro wrestling debuts.
She debuted against La Amapola in 1998 in Mexico, and in 1999 in a tag team match with Candy Okutsu against Ayako Hamada (current TNA Knockout Hamada) and Mika Akino in Japan.

Here is part one of a match between Ai Fujita and Momoe Nakanishi posted by...take a wild guess...yes, nagashimark on YouTube

Doesn't the interviewer kinda look like Hiro Nakamura on "Heroes"?
Of course you can see the second part of the match and more Japanese female wrestlers on nagashimark's YouTube channel.

Japanese Female Wrestlers - Ai Fujita posted to on Sept 21st, 2009

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Michael said...

This is what I would call highly skilled wrestling, by superbly conditioned athletes. And given the pre-match interviews, one would almost think that the match would be between almost shy schoolgirls. Definitely gives a new meaning, to not judging before one has all the facts.

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