Sunday, March 28, 2010

Michiko Omukai wrestling Azumi Hyuga

Michiko Omukai - Azumi Hyuga - female wrestling youtube
Here is a match posted by HybridDolphinELPS of Michiko Omukai wrestling Azumi Hyuga back on August 14th 2001 for the ARSION wrestling promotion.
Lightning fast moves, reversals and hard hitting, all the trademarks of joshi are in this one.
Plus I love Michiko and Azumi's outfits...LOL

They really don't look like they like each other very all.

Michiko Omukai - Azumi Hyuga - japanese wrestling
The video starts up with the match already underway, and Michiko with Azumi in the center of the ring trapped in a body scissors.

Michiko Omukai - Azumi Hyuga - women's wrestling youtube
After some double hair pulling, Michiko releases the hold and they wind up in the ropes, with Michiko using said ropes for some innovative punishment.

After a warning from the ref, Michiko releases the hold and they go through some quick punches, kicks and reversals.
Note: You may wanna turn the volume down because these two scream at each other like Banshees while they are going at it.

Michiko Omukai - Azumi Hyuga - joshi wrestling
Azumi catches Michiko in an evidently extremely painful leg lock and Michiko fairly goes wild.

Michiko Omukai - Azumi Hyuga - brutal japanese lady wrestling
Azumi keeps the leg lock locked in, becoming even more creative with her punishment.

Michiko hits the ropes, and after a quick break, she catches Azumi in a just as creative arm bar.

Michiko Omukai - Azumi Hyuga - women wrestling youtube
If you like lots of ground work and painful submission holds, this is your kinda match....

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Michiko Omukai wrestling Azumi Hyuga, posted to on 3-28-2010

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