Thursday, August 13, 2009

Japanese Female Wrestling: Hustle

Pro wrestling in Japan has always been different.
But it doesn't get much different than the Japanese wrestling promotion Hustle.
They used to call the WWE a soap opera with chair shots.
Well imagine the WWE on acid.
You have a pretty good idea of Hustle.

But even as wild as Hustle is, it has had it's share of great wrestlers in their ring.
Some of the female wrestlers are not well known, but some are down right legends.
And some..well you might get a kick seeing what they look(ed) like in Hustle......

Yes, that's legendary Lucha Libre and Joshi star Ayako Hamada as Arisin Z.
This is the first, but not the last time she'll pop up on this list.

Fabi Apache-japanese wrestling
And yes another Lucha Libre star, Fabi Apache.
Doesn't look like Hustle remade Fabi much.

Devil Masami-japanese female wrestlers
Although she's retired now, legendary Japanese female wrestler Devil Masami worked for Hustle under the name Madama Devil.

You can check out Hustle's homepage (In Japanese)here:

To be continued......

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