Monday, August 17, 2009

Japanese Female Wrestling: More of the Ladies of Hustle

Cynthia Moreno-japanese women wrestling

Luchadora Cynthia Moreno also wrestled for Japanese wrestling promotion Hustle.
Of course Cynthia comes from a big wrestling family including Luchadores Alfonso Moreno (her father) and El Oriental (her brother) and her sisters Luchadoras Esther Moreno, Alda Moreno and Rossy Moreno.

Dump Matsumoto-japanese girl wrestling

Before retiring, Joshi legend Dump Matsumoto worked for Hustle as well.

 Ayako Hamada-wrestling

I told you Ayako Hamada would show up again, and here she is as heel Dokuron Z (or Dokron Z).
Isn't that La Parka in the background?


Randall said...

Are all these HUSTLE posts spurred on by the announcement that the company is going under?

~~ Sabre ~~ said...

Not really.
I kinda held off on Hustle because they were just too out there.
But I was running out of subject matter...LOL
Have they officially announced they were going out of business?
I know I had heard rumors.

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