Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Most Popular Japanese Female Wrestlers

Ray, the most popular Japanese female wrestler?

Over on Hub Pages (I do a lot of Hub Pages) I did a list of the most popular Japanese female wrestlers.
I kinda took me by surprise that the "greats" really didn't rank up there too well.
There was no Bull Nakano, Aja Kong, Akira Hokuto or Devil Masami
Female wrestlers like Ray, NAO, Hikaru and Basara did well.
But I guess some of the new wrestlers ranking well is a good sign for the future of joshi puroresu in general.

Over at YouTube, you have people like nagashimark and doublemiz keeping the "old school" alive with matches like Chaparrita ASARI versus Kyoko Inoue and Crush Girls versus Akira Hokuto and Mitsuko Nishiwaki.
You can see some of the old classic matches over there, and trust me, some of them are awesome.
Forget comparing them to the WWE Diva of TNA Knockout matches, compare them to Triple H or Randy Orton.

Anyway, part of the list I came up with for the most popular wrestlers (most searched for here and on the internet) is:

1. Ray
2. NAO
3. Hikaru
4. Basara
5. Francoise

You can head over there and take a look at the entire list if you'd like.

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