Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More Japanese Female Wrestlers on YouTube

A while back I did an entry on Japanese Women Wrestling on YouTube with the most popular videos at the time.
Well it's been over a year so here are some of the most popular videos with Japanese women wrestlers on YouTube now.

First up we have Chihiro taking on Ray in a match from 2008 for the Japanese wrestling promotion Battlarts.
Even though Battlarts shut down in 2011, we can still see matches like this thanks to YouTube and TFCHooligan69.

Chihiro Oikawa vs. Ray (BattlArts 7/26/08)

Next we have a match between two classics, Ayako Hamada and Azumi Hyuga.
This match was for the Queen of Arsion Title back in 2001.
You'll notice this is just part one of the match and it's over nine minutes long which by itself is what....two WWE Diva matches?
This video was posted by nagashimark.

Ayako Hamada vs. Azumi Hyuga (Part 1)

Again we go back to TFCHooligan69 for this awesome match from 1989 between Manami Toyota and Toshiyo Yamada for the All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling title.
There's 25 seconds of dark screen at the begining but dont freak out, it's there.

Manami Toyota vs. Toshiyo Yamada AJW 12-9-89

Next up, two more classic joshi wrestlers, Jaguar Yokota and Mimi Haghiwara.
Japanese female wrestling in all it's glory from Guam!
There is a lot of petite Mimi being tossed around by the powerful Jaguar.
This one was posted by rexmoro37.

Jaguar Yokota vs Mimi Haghiwara

You know I couldnt end this without a Kana video, so why not kick out all the jams and have Kana and The Shirai Sisters against Serena Deeb, Shuri and Mokoto.
I really couldn't name a much better modern joshi line up in a match.
This video was posted by isole75

Triple Tails (Kana and Shirai Sisters) vs Serena, Shuri and Mokoto

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