Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Momoe Nakanishi - Japanese Wrestling

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Japanese female wrestler Momoe Nakanishi was born on July 7th 1980.
She was trained by All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling (AJW) and made her wrestling debut on July 14th 1996, in a match against fellow AJW trainee, Nanae Takahashi.

During her career, Momoe held the All Japan Junior title, the AJW Tag Team Championship (twice with Nanae Takahashi), the All Japan Singles title, the WWWA Super lightweight title, the WWWA World Tag Team Championship (twice with Nanae Takahashi as NANA*MOMO), the All Pacific title, the WWWA Title and the AtoZ title.

Momo retired from wrestling on January 7th, 2005.
Her retirement match was fittingly against the lady that she came up through AJW with, Nanae

Momoe Nakanishi taking on Ayako Hamada - Part 1 of 3, posted by DoubleMiz

Momoe Nakanishi - Japanese Wrestling, posted to http://joshipuroresu.blogspot.com/ on 4-3-2007

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hatley31 said...

I first seen Momoe Nakanishi on the G4 tv show, Ninja Warrior. And thats when I fell in love. She has the greatest smile I've ever seen. I had no idea she is so famous in Japan, now I guess my dreams of meeting her and sweeping her off her feet are gone. :(
Love Sick Hatley

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