Sunday, May 2, 2010

Candy Okutsu Wrestling Ayako Hamada

Here is a match posted by HybridDolphinELPS on YouTube, of Candy Okutsu wrestling Ayako Hamada in Ayako's debut for the ARSION wrestling promotion back in 1998.
Has it really been that long?

Anyway, like I said, this was Ayako's debut wrestling match, and she was seventeen at the time, although you couldn't tell it by her in ring performance.
Less than one year after this match, she and Mika Akino won the Twinstar of ARSION tag- team wrestling belts.
Of course Ayako has wrestled all over the world since then for promotions like Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) in Mexico, TNA wrestling, Shimmer Women Athletes and many more.

Candy Okutsu on the other hand had a few years under her belt at the time of this match, having debuted on August 4, 1992 (also at the age of 17) for the JWP.

But looking at this match, you really cant see much of a difference in their in-ring abilities.

Starting off, Candy hits the double bicep pose after she gets in the ring....

Candy Okutsu - female wrestling - japanese women - women wrestling

And to show that she's not intimidated, Ayako does the same...

Ayako Hamada - wrestling women - female wrestling - sexy japan

The two women exchange a flurry of the typical (for Joshi) high speed attacks, reversals and counters, winding up with a test of strength in the center of the ring....

Candy Okutsu - Ayako Hamada - female wrestlers - female wrestler

After one brutal exchange (I think Candy had some of the hardest elbows in the business) she goes for a pin on Ayako...

Candy Okutsu - Ayako Hamada - woman wrestling - wrestling woman

Later on, she traps Ayako in the inevitable Boston Crab...

Candy Okutsu - Ayako Hamada - japan women - boston crab

But Ayako rallies, and traps Candy in a sleeper....

Candy Okutsu - Ayako Hamada - japanese female wrestling - wrestling

This is a really good, solid Joshi match, and one you can show your friends to help explain that even a standard Joshi match is better than 90% of the WWE Diva and TNA Knockout matches.

And of course you can visit HybridDolphinELPS' channel on YouTube to this see this, and more Joshi action like it.
Candy Okutsu wrestling Ayako Hamada posted to on May 2nd, 2010

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Thorsten said...

Love Candy Okotsu's singlet in this one.Would love to get something like that myself...
joshi puroresu

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