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Ayako Hamada vs Mima Shimoda - Japanese Women Wrestlers

Mima Shimoda - Ayako Hamada - japanese women - women wrestling
This is a match posted by DoubleMiz on YouTube of two of the most popular Japanese women wrestlers on this blog going at it, Ayako Hamada and Mima Shimoda.
This is from the Japanese wrestling promotion ARSION's ZION 2000 Tournament on September 17, 2000.
Ayako made her debut in 1998, so when this match too place, she had about 2 years of experience under her belt.
Mima on the other hand started out in 1987, so she was the veteran going into this match.

Mima Shimoda - Ayako Hamada - wrestling women - female wrestling

This match is full of counters and reversals, some that have to be seen to be believed.
Like when Ayako grab's Mima's hair, rears back for a head butt and Mima counters with a kick to Ayako's head, before she can head butt her!

The video quality is not as high as some of the videos you see today, and it is clipped, but that doesn’t stop this from being a classic encounter.

At one point Mima goes "old school heel" (which she is) and grabs Ayako by the hair, lifting her up to stop the count during an attempted pin.

There are a few submission holds, but not like you see today.

Mima Shimoda - Ayako Hamada - female wrestlers - japanese women wrestlers

But there are lots of suplexes.

Mima Shimoda - Ayako Hamada - sexy japan - women's wrestling

And the match ends with a TKO, which is something you rarely see.

If you like this video, you can check out DoubleMiz's YouTube channel for even more.

Ayako Hamada vs Mima Shimoda, posted to on May 26th, 2010.

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