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Megumi Kudo

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Megumi Takayama, better known under her stage name, which is also her maiden name, Megumi Kudo and by her nickname Kudome, is an entertainment personality, and was a professional wrestler who worked most of her career for Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling.

Kudo practiced basketball during high school. When she was 16 she joined All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling but found little to no success there. She was released after two years because she had not enhanced her wrestling ability enough, and worked as a kindergarten teacher for a while.

However she still felt the desire for pro wrestling, and joined Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling in 1990. She was quickly pushed to the top of the card, it is generally considered that this was because of her looks. However she worked and trained hard, developing her skills significantly. She ended up being the top star of FMW's women's division, and the most recognised female wrestler in Japan.

Kudo worked all kinds of matches, but she was mostly known for brutal death matches, where the ring ropes were replaced with barbed wire. Her notable feuds were against Shark Tsuchiya, Combat Toyoda and Sumie Sakai.

On April 29, 1997 she had her retirement match against Tsuchiya in a "No ropes, 200 volt double hell, double barbed wire barricade, double landmine glass crush death match". She vacated both of the titles she held in a retirement ceremony on June 13, 1997.

After retiring from professional wrestling Kudo has worked on various television programs, including as a commentator for pro wrestling events. She also hosts a weekly radio show in Japan.

In 1992 she released a music CD titled "Keep on running". She is married to fellow wrestler Hido, whom she met in their FMW days.

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