Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dark Angel in Japanese Women Wrestling?

Yes I know this is my Japanese women wrestling blog, but one lady that is making quite a mark in Joshi at the moment is Mexican luchadora Dark Angel.
Okay...technically she's Canadian female wrestler turned Mexican luchadora Sarah Stock....and you may know her better as Sarita from TNA.
If I had to pick a female wrestler to be the "Ultimate"...Sarah would be on my short list.
She's been wrestling for 11 years, she's held titles in Canada, the US, Mexico and now Japan.
She's got the moves, the skills, she's built like a fitness model and besides wrestling, she's trained in Muay Thai.
Do you think maybe she was under-utilized in TNA?

On April 29th, Sarah won the Wonder of Stardom Championship at the Ryōgoku Cinderella event in Tokyo.
She defeated Act Yasukawa via decision in a match to win the vacant title.
Sarah has gone on to hold that title for 107+ days.

And so you dont think I have abandoned Japanese female wrestling, here is Dark Angel with Io Shirai and Iroha Takumi.

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