Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nagisa Nozaki Wrestling Syuri

Nagisa Nozaki - Shuri - NEO Well guess what?
Yep...this is yet ANOTHER video that YouTube has deleted.
Thanks YouTube!
So all there is left is the screen caps. 

Nagisa started wrestling when she was 15, and has been plagued by injuries.
This was Nagisa's return match, her first since 2009 when she injured her shoulder.
She's five foot five and weighs 123 pounds.

You may know her opponent Syuri as Karate Girl (KG) from the old HUSTLE wrestling promotion.
She wrestles, but throws some MMA into her matches as well.

First up. Syuri enters the ring...

Shuri - Japanese women - female wrestler
Followed by Nagisa who doesn't look near as serious...

Nagisa Nozaki - women wrestling - female wrestlersThey shake hands and everything looks okay...

Nagisa Nozaki - Shuri - wrestlingTill Nagisa blindsides Syuri and lays into her with a series of vicious chops...

Nagisa Nozaki - Shuri - wrestling womenShe goes for a quick pin...

Nagisa Nozaki - Shuri - womens wrestlingSyuri kicks out, but soon finds herself in a sleeper...

Nagisa Nozaki - Shuri - female wrestlingShe gets up, but Nagisa follows her, keeping the hold clamped on.
See how much Nagisa seems to be enjoying herself?

Nagisa Nozaki - Shuri - pro wrestlingSyuri gets fed up, escapes and lays into Nagisa with a series of roundhouse kicks...

Nagisa Nozaki - Shuri - japan women
Sorry it's gone but you can thank YouTube.

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