Thursday, September 3, 2009

Japanese Female Wrestling - Ladies of Hustle part 7 - Yinling

I said I could probably do a whole entry on just Yinling by herself and it's true.
And I doubt very seriously that I could cover everything here, but let's go.

Yingling was born on February 15, 1978 in Taipei, Taiwan.
Before joining the Japanese wrestling promotion Hustle, she was a swimsuit model and race queen.
She joined Hustle as Yinling, then became Newling-sama (Mistress Newling), then went back to being a heel after being shot by a laser beam by The Esperanza (a wrestling cyborg) during a wrestling match.
Did you think the Undertaker's lightning bolts were a stretch?

And then Yinling gave birth to 6'8, 500 pound sumo wrestler Monster Bono.
Oh yeah, he was hatched from an egg.
Remember what I said about the WWE on acid?

Yinling left Hustle and when she retired, her final match was against her "son" Monster Bono, who crushed her with a big splash.
Yeah, it killed her.
Not really though.

Here is one of Yinling's more bizarre incarnations in Hustle.....

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