Monday, August 31, 2009

Japanese Female Wrestling - Ladies of Hustle part 6

And continuing on with the ladies of the Japanese wrestling promotion Hustle.....

Erica - japanese wrestler

Remember what I said earlier about what they did to Awesome (Amazing) Kong?
Well look at what they did to her friend and mentor Aja Kong.
They used her real name Erica, but they basically changed everything else.
She and Margaret held the HUSTLE Super Tag Team Championship at one time.
That is until they were beaten by Team 3D (yes, Brother Ray and Brother Devon, who probably fit right in at Hustle. I wonder if they did their old ECW gimmick there?)
The match they were in was a three way tag team, and the other team was Mark Jindrak and Matt Morgan.

Jaguar Y - japanese wrestlers

Jaguar Y
And here is another Joshi legend that wrestled in Hustle, Jaguar Yokota.
Underneath the cute kitty make up is a woman that is considered one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time.
She wrestled as a heel for the Monster faction.

Suzuki Hiroko - japanese woman wrestling

Suzuki Hiroko
Here is another lady you might recognize from the WWE.
Hiroko used to be on WWE's SmackDown! as the valet for her husband Kenzo Suzuki.
She kept up with that in Hustle, before becoming the General Manager and turning on Kenzo.

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