Friday, May 15, 2009

Mima Shimoda versus Akira Hokuto

A while back I mentioned some really good Japanese professional women wrestling matches on YouTube, well here is one from Veoh posted by shupercousin.
It's a match between Mima Shimoda and Akira Hokuto from August 30th, 1995.
Mima Shimoda, Etsuko Mita and Akira had once formed a group called "Las Cachorras Orientoles" or LCO in AJW, but this looks like it too place after all that was over.

Watch LCO Faceoff! Akira Hokuto vs Mima Shimoda in Entertainment | View More Free Videos Online at

1 comment:

HellSpawn said...

Mima Shimoda Rules so much.

She is a real b*tch. and I love her for that.

Thanx for this clip.. now im looking for the full match.

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