Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pro Wrestling WAVE

Pro Wrestling WAVE is a women's pro wrestling promotion based in Tokyo, Japan, created by GAMI and Yumi Ohka in July of 2007.
The main goal of WAVE was to try to breathe life into the weakening Joshi Puroresu industry.
Their first show was held at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring in Tokyo on August 26, 2007.
On February 13, 2008, WAVE signed a former Ice Ribbon wrestler, Moeka Haruhi.
Since JWP's Commando Bolshoi and GAMI are friends, WAVE as a friendly pact with JWP lending out wrestlers to each others shows.
For more info on WAVE, you can go to their website here:

Some of WAVE's wrestlers....

Moeka Haruhi

Yumi Ohka

And here is a match between Manami Toyota/Moeka Haruhi and Yumi Ohka/GAMI

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