Friday, April 10, 2009

Joshi Puroresu and YouTube

Devil Masami-wrestling

If you just cant get enough Joshi, I have a couple of really good stops for you on YouTube.

The first is nagashimark's channel.
There you can see matches with soon to be TNA star Ayako Hamada, Nanae Takahashi, Kaori Yoneyama, Chikayo Nagashima, Devil Masami, Plum Mariko, Chigusa Nagayo and Cutie Suzuki.
The url is
It might be a good idea to subscribe too because new videos get posted on a regular basis.

My next favorite Joshi channel on YouTube is DoubleMiz.
Lots of Joshi greats here too like Momoe Nakanishi, Ayako Hamada, Mariko Yoshida, Mima Shimoda, Mayumi Ozaki and Megumi Kudo.
The url is
DoubleMiz also has a Veoh page here:
And DoubleMiz's channel is another good one to subscribe to.

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