Sunday, February 15, 2009

The AJW Championship

The first ever AJW Champion, Rimi Yokota

I did an entry awhile back on the WWWA World Heavyweight Championship. It was the main title in the Japanese women's professional wrestling promotion All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling (AJW).
But they had another title, the AJW Championship.
This title started in 1980 and ran until after the promotion closed in 2005.

The first ever AJW Champion was Rimi Yokota, better known as Jaguar Yokota. She won the belt in Tokyo on December 15, 1980, beating Nancy Kumi.
The title was vacated a few months later on March 7, 1981.
Devil Masami then defeated Tomoko Kitamura on May 9, 1981 to claim the title, and it was vacated again on April 7, 1982.
Lioness Asuka then defeated Masked Yu on July 19, 1982, becoming champion until she was defeated by Kaoru Matsumoto on January 8, 1983.
Asuka came back and beat Kaoru Matsumoto taking the title again till it was vacated yet again on January 18, 1984.
On February 28, 1984, Itsuki Yamazaki defeated Noriyo Tateno to win the belt, and she held it until it was vacated AGAIN on February 25, 1985.

To be continued.....

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