Sunday, January 18, 2009

The WWWA World Tag Team Championship

Since I've already done an entry on the WWWA World Heavyweight Championship, I thought I'd do one on the WWWA World Tag Team Championship.
The WWWA World Tag Team Championship was All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling (AJW) tag team title from 1971 till they shut down in 2005.
The title was held by many of the most famous joshi puroresu stars as well as several famous female wrestlers from the US.
Jumbo Miyamoto and Aiko Kiyo were the first champions defeating Patty O'Hara and Texas Red for the belt. But in a very unusual move, Jumbo Miyamoto and Aiko Kiyo weren't satisfied with the match (even though they won) and wanted a rematch. This led to Patty O'Hara and Texas Red winning the second match and becoming the tag team champions.
This started a trend for Jumbo Miyamoto as she teamed with Maxie Murata and won the titles back.
Jumbo Miyamoto would hold one half of the tag team belts many times in the following years, with many different partners such as Miyoko Hoshino, Mariko Akagi and Junko Sasaki.

The Beauty Pair, Jackie Sato and Maki Ueda, held the belts, as did the Queen Angels (Lucy Kayama and Tomi Aoyama), the Black Pair (Mami Kumano and Yumi Ikeshita), the Dynamite Girls (Jumbo Hori and Yukari Omori), the Crush Gals (Chigusa Nagayo and Lioness Asuka), the Jumping Bomb Angels (Itsuki Yamazaki and Noriyo Tateno) and the Red Typhoons (Kazue Nagahori and Yumi Ogura) among many others.

The last tag team to hold the belts was Double Kong (Aja Kong and Amazing Kong) back in October of 2004.

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