Sunday, June 3, 2007

Hiromi Yagi - Japanese Wrestling

Hiromi Yagi - Japanese Wrestling
Japanese female wrestler Hiromi Yagi was born Hiromi Hirashima on August 5th, 1971.
She is five foot one and weighs 110 pounds.
In 1995, Hiromi defeated Candy Okutsu for the JWP Junior title, but she vacated it a day later because she wasn't happy with the match.
Candy had suffered an injury before the match, and Hiromi felt the victory was hollow.
Then in 1996, she won the vacant title, only to lose it back to Candy.
In 1997, she retired from wrestling to get married, but returned in 1998, teaming with Rie Tamada, to win the Twin Star of ARSION.
They lost the titles in 1999 to Mika Akino and Ayako Hamada.

Hiromi Yagi - japan women wrestling

Here is Hiromi Yagi wrestling Aja Kong from the Arsion ZION 1999 Tournament, posted on YouTube by lablue6uy

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