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Ayumi Kurihara - Japanese Female Wrestling

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Ring name(s) Ayumi Kurihara
Billed height 5'5" (164 cm)
Billed weight 126 lbs (57 kg)
Born July 13, 1984
Tokyo, Japan
Trained by Mariko Yoshida,,AKINO,,Michiko Ohmukai,,GAMI
Wrestling Debut April 24, 2005

Ayumi Kurihara is a joshi puroresu wrestler who grew up around pro wrestling, as her parent's Tokyo barbecue restaurant "The Three Treasures" was not only a place where wrestlers often ate, but is also a sponsor of pro wrestling events. Because of this involvement, Ayumi has had to work twice as hard training and in the ring to avoid the stigma of being a sponsor's daughter.

Ayumi played basketball in high school in Tokyo, and after high school went to work at her family's restaurant.

Ayumi entered training with the women's pro wrestling promotion M's Style, where she learned the craft from well-known Japanese female wrestlers Gami, Mariko Yoshida, AKINO, and Michiko Ohmukai. Ayumi debuted in 2005, at the age of 20. She is viewed as one of the future stars of joshi puroresu in Japan as she has a hunger and desire second to none in the younger class.

M's Style closed in the fall of 2006. The final match was a six-man tag match, pitting Tojuki LEON, Bullfight Sora and Ayumi against AKINO, Ohmukai and Yoshida. The younger generation won the match.

Since then, Ayumi has wrestled as a freelancer, in NEO, JWP, Jd', Ibuki and Pro Wrestling SUN.

Near the end of her tenure in M's Style, Ayumi incorporated a stronger finishing move to her moveset. Ohmukai was shown teaching her how to perform a uranage, which she then went on to use in a tag victory with Ohmukai against Ayako Hamada and Cherry.

In December of 2006, Ayumi wrestled Shuu Shibutani in a special show geared toward the upcoming generation of wrestlers. The fans voted the match the best of the night and both women received trophies.

Ayumi Kurihara - Japanese Female Wrestling

Ayumi often hits numerous dropkicks during her matches, including missile dropkicks off the top turnbuckle. She's not afraid to hit hard and take hard hits, prompting American wrestler Steve Corino, who works for Pro Wrestling SUN and faced her in a mixed tag match, to call her "lil' Kawada girl." (Toshiaki Kawada is well known in Puroresu for his stiff strikes) This has led to Ayumi taking a beating from veterans like Nanae Takahashi and Dynamite Kansai in matches due to her hard-hitting work rate.

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