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The Bloody - Japanese Women Wrestling

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The Bloody

Height: 5' 2" (156cm)
Weight: 143lbs (65kg)
Date of Birth: October 8 1977
Professional Wrestling Debut: : November 3 1994 vs. Emi Miyamoto
Real Name: Naomi Kato
Promotions: AJW (1994), Jd' (1996-)
Career Title History

January 11 1998 - Defeated Megumi Yabushita to win the Jd' Junior title. Lost it on August 24 1998 to Sumie Sakai.
June 13 1999 - W/Fang Suzuki defeated Cooga and Sumie Sakai to win the TWF Tag Team titles. Lost the titles on October 9 1999 to Sumie Sakai and Megumi Yabushita.
October 6 1999 Defeated Megumi Yabushita to win the AWF Women's title. Lost it on December 7 to Yoshiko Tamura.
January 10 2000 - Defeated Yoshiko Tamura to win the AWF Women's title. Title vacated on May 3 2000.
November 26 2000 - Won the Queen of the Ring in tournament final. Lost it on December 29 to Megumi Yabushita.
April 29 2001 - Won the Queen of the Ring and AWF titles from Sumie Sakai. Current holder.
May 6 2001 - With Fang Suzuki won the TWF Tag Team titles from Masked Angel Fleia and Masked Angel Rosetta. Lost the titles on July 1 2001 to Hiroyo Muto and Sumie Sakai.
Other Notes

Formerly known as The Bloody Phoenix.
Teaming with Ryuna, reached the finals of the TWF Tag Team title tournament.

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