Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stardom - Japanese Female Wrestling Promotion

Former ARSION head Rossy Ogawa and retired Japanese female wrestler Fuka's had a new wrestling promotion debut in January called "Stardom".
The roster (as far as I can tell) is...

Nanae TakahashiNanae Takahashi
Nanae Takahashi has wrestled for All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling, Pro Wrestling SUN, AWA Superstars of Wrestling, Ice Ribbon, JDStar, NEO Japan Ladies' Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling ZERO1-MAX and more.

Natsuki*Taiyo has worked for All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling, Pro Wrestling SUN, Passion Red, NEO, Ice Ribbon and more.

Yuzuki AikawaYuzuki Aikawa
Former Japanese Idol Yuzuki Aikawa has been trained by Fuka and also has eight years martial arts experience in Taekwondo.

Yoko BitoYoko Bito
Yoko Bito is new comer to wrestling, but a Japanese Kyokushin Karate champion.

YoshikoYoshiko (World Tiger 4)
Another newcomer, Yoshiko was born on July 26th, 1993.

Eri SusaEri Susa
Newcomer Eri Susa was born on July 23rd, 1993 and was trained in aikido before starting wrestling.

Mayu IwataniMayu Iwatani
Mayu Iwatani was born on February 19th, 1993 and before wrestling she was trained in judo.

Little Haruka was born on April 2nd, 2002. Yep, she's only eight years old.

Arisa HoshikiArisa Hoshiki
Arisa Hoshiki was born on October 13th, 1995. Before wrestling she trained in boxing and kickboxing.

Mika NaganoMika Nagano
Before becoming a wrestler, Mika Nagano was a Japanese female mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. Her MMA record is 7-4-0.

Iris was born on October 19th, 1990 in Mexico. She was trained in Lucha Libre by Ultimo Guerrero.

Here is the poster from the Stardom Launching Event "Birth of Nova" on January 23rd, 2011...


You can check out their official site here:

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My favorite is Arisa.

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