Friday, August 21, 2009

Japanese Female Wrestling: Ladies of Hustle part 3

Back to our "Ladies of Hustle" we have some more Japanese female wrestlers that aren't really Japanese.

Caiya-japanese girls wrestling

Caiya (Carolyn Kawasaki) was born in Chicago, but she is a gaijin tarento (talent) that like many of our celebrities is famous for being...famous.
She's an actress. she has released four books and a jewelry line, but she's included here because of her time as a wrestler.
Yes wrestler.
Caiya (as she is known in Japan) wanted to become a wrestler because she loved the WWE divas.
She had matches against Giant Silva and also Tajiri.
Yes, 7 foot 2 inch Giant Silva and the "Japanese Buzzsaw"Tajiri.
Caiya made her pro wrestling debut at Hustle Aid.
At Hustle Aid 2006, she tag teamed with Naoya Ogawa (Olympic judo champion, pro wrestler and MMA fighter) to take on Giant Silva (again) and Giant Vabo.
Silva and Vabo won.

Wild HAKAIYA-japanese pro wrestling

She was known as Wild HAKAIYA in Hustle, but you may know her as Trenesha Biggers, Panther Claw, Black Barbie or TNA Knockout Rhaka Khan.
I really don't see why this 6'2, 116 pound amazon isnt more popular.
Okay, aside from all that Kurt Angle stuff and the other assorted craziness.

Margaret-japanese women wrestling
And yes this is the powerful, imposing, 6'1, 272 pound Kia Stevens, better known as Amazing Kong or TNA Knockout Awesome Kong.
In Hustle she was known as Margaret.
Quite a change from her usual Xena-like battle garb isnt it?
(Wait till you see what they did to her friend and mentor Aja Kong!)

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