Friday, July 25, 2008

Carlos Amano, updated

Carlos Amano
Born: March 16 1976
Weight: 134.2lbs (61kg)
Height: 5' 2" (158cm)
Real Name: Rieko Amano
Professional wrestling debut: December 4 1994 against Tomoko Miyaguchi
Promotions: JWP, Oz Academy

Wrestling Title History
January 15 1999 - With Commando Bolshoi won the JWP Tag Team titles from Hikari Fukuoka and Tomoko Kuzumi. Lost them on February 10 2000 to ZAP I & ZAP T.
On February 24, 1999 JWP changed Amano's name from 'Rieko Amano' to 'Carlos Amano'
On August 10, 1996, Amano lost to Tomoko Kuzumi in the tournament final to crown a new JWP Junior champion.
JWP named the Hikari Fukuoka & Tomoko Kuzumi vs. Rieko Amano & Tomoko Miyaguchi match on October 21 as their 1998 match of the year.

Manami Toyota vs Reiko "Carlos" Amano

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