Monday, August 6, 2007

Lelani Kai Wrestling in Japan

Here's a couple of photos of Lelani Kai wrestling in Japan.
If you have followed womens wrestling over the years, you know who Lelani Kai is.
She was trained by The Fabulous Moolah and made her wrestling debut in 1975.
Lelani held the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association (LPWA) Tag Team Championship (with Judy Martin), the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) World Women's Championship, the NWA Mid-Atlantic Women's Championship (three times), the Professional Girl Wrestling Association (PGWA) Championship, the WWF Women's Championship and the WWF Women's Tag Team Championship (twice, again with Judy Martin).
She also held the All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling All Pacific Championship in 1986.
Here she is using the same supplex on both joshi wrestlers Devil Masami and Lioness Asuka.

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