Thursday, April 5, 2007

The WWWA Wrestling Title, part 2

Aiko Kyo took the WWWA wrestling title back again in May 24, 1972 at Fukuoka, Fukuoka.
Then Sarah Lee won the belt on July 1, 1972 in Tokyo, only to lose it on July 26, 1972 to Miyoko Hoshino in Kasugabe.
Hoshino lost the belt to Sandy Parker on May 15, 1973 in Choshi, Chiba.Hoshino won the belt back on July 10, 1973 in Kasama, Ibaraki.
Jumbo Miyamoto defeated Hoshino on September 11, 1973 in Tokyo.
Then Bambi Ball defeated Jumbo on March 2, 1974 in Kawasaki, Kanagawa.
The title went vacant March 1974 when Ball was injured.
Jumbo Miyamoto won the title again on March 6, 1974, in Maehashi when she defeated Jane O'Brien.
Jackie West defeated Jumbo on April 1, 1974 in Kobe, Hyogo.
Jumbo Miyamoto won it back, lost it to Mach Fumiake ( Mach was 16 at the time!) , won it back, lost it to Mariko Akagi, won it back and finally lost it for good to Maki Ueda, June 8, 1976 in Tottori, Tottori.

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