Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yoshiko Tamura - Female Japanese Wrestlers

Yoshiko Tamura - Female Japanese Wrestlers
Wrestler: Yoshiko Tamura
Height: 5' 5" (165cm)
Weight: 149.6lbs (68kg)
Date of Birth: February 6 1976
Pro Wrestling Debut: September 15 1994 versus Kaoru Kaneyama
Promotions: AJW (1994-1997), Neo Ladies (1997-2000), NEO (2000-)

On June 26 1995, she defeated Misae Watanabe (Misae Genki) for the AJW Junior title. She lost it on September 1 1996 to Tomoko Miyaguchi.
July 19 1997 - She defeated Toshie Uematsu for the WCW Womens Wrestling Cruiserweight title. Lost it on September 20 1997 to Sugar Sato.
On December 7 1999, she defeated The Bloody for the AWF Women's title. She lost it on January 10 2000 to The Bloody.
August 23 2000, she defeated Nicole Bass to become the first NWA Pacific and NEO Singles champion. Lost the titles on February 11 2001 to Mima Shimoda.

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